Fleet Services in Phoenix, AZ

Fleet Services offers one-stop repair and maintenance for every type of personal and fleet vehicle including cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and commercial tractor-trailers. Proper vehicle maintenance schedules can be maintained for your individual or fleet vehicles to ensure high performance and keep costly repairs to a minimum. Fleet Services also specializes in welding, custom suspensions, and glass repair and replacement.
Fleet Services is an authorized LoJack dealer and service center.
Brake Systems
- Disc and – Drum Service
- ABS diagnosis and repair
- Master Cylinders
- Trailer Brakes
- Parking Brakes
- Air Brakes
- Rotor and Drum Machining
Cool/Heat Systems
- Overheat Diagnosis
- Leak Diagnosis
- Water Pumps and Radiators
- Cooling System Flush
- Belts and Hoses
- AC System Services
- Heaters and Thermostats
Electrical Systems
- Charging System Diagnosis
- Alternators and Starters
- Battery Test and Service
- Wiring Repairs
- Trailer and Box Wiring
- Generator Maintenance
- Custom System Installation
- Oil and Filter Change
- 30,000 Mile Maintenance
- 60,000 Mile Maintenance
- 90,000 Mile Maintenance
- Transmission Service
- Fluid Flush
- Tire Rotation and Balancing
- Battery Service
- Wiper and Washer Service
- Driveability Diagnosis
- Fuel Injection Diagnosis
- Maintenance Tune-Up
- Emissions Diagnosis
- Repair and Testing
- Computer Diagnosis
- Fuel Pump
- Custom Exhaust
- Oil Leak Diagnosis
- Timing Belt Replacement
- Head Gasket Service
- Engine Replacement
- Transmission Rebuilding
- Clutch and Driveline
- Exhaust Replacement
Suspension Systems
- 2 and 4 wheel alignment
- Struts and shocks
- Steering components
- CV boots and front axles
- Rack and pinion service
- Tire sales and service
- Rears and leaf springs


18,000 MILE